The Reality Check provides top notch and easy to use animations and info to promote our office with chiropractic brain and neurology based science gems. Linking research and everyday practice that are congruent with our mission. And the great thing it is subluxation based!
Martin Fransson, Doctor of Chiropractic, Sweden

This is an investment that your practice really needs to make if you want to be able to communicate with your patients effectively.
Dr Bruce Whittingham

I would like to thank Dr Haavik for her outpouring generosity. Her relevant research, her concern to make it approachable, and her brilliant wish to participate in improving our profession means that we cannot but enjoy the reading of this book and wait enthusiastically for her next scientific publications.
Dr Chloe Blanchard, France

Congratulations on the production of the videos – they are excellent – we are playing them in our reception rooms and our patients are referring in new patients. What an amazing way to leverage your message.
Jane Barham